About ScottCart - An eCommerce Plugin for WordPress

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ScottCart's mission is to allow everyone to be able to make a good looking, full featured eCommerce store without needing to do any custom programming or the need to hire a developer. The company was founded in 2014 in Boulder, Colorado by Scott Paterson. The company is an Official PayPal Partner.

ScottCart has many official extensions which allow you to customize your site.

Scott Paterson

Founder & Lead Developer
Hi! My name is Scott Paterson and I am a Canadian based in Boulder, Colorado. I graduated from the University of Florida and I have been a software developer for over 14 years. Before I founded this company in 2014 I worked for a number of years as a Full Stack Developer, Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager. I designed and wrote software for medical billing, medical record, and 3D digital imaging systems (EHR, PACS and HL7). I have also extensive experience with managing servers, network and software security in a medical environment. I have been building WordPress plugins for the last 2 years.